Answering that question doesn't lie in technology.

It lies in changing the way you communicate and engage with your customers. The stories you tell about your business and your products.

This is the heart of the work we do with you.

About Ampli - Communications Training

Ampli is a marketing communications company that specialises in training you how to create your own powerful strategic communications.

We work with you and your leadership team to create an authentic strategic narrative that transforms your business.

Our training combines our extensive experience in the fields of business communications, marketing, advertising, digital business, direct response, PR, media and more.

Our staff have been involved in business communications since 1985 and digital business since 1995, so we know a bit about what works and what doesn't.

That's why we take a human market perspective to guide companies in developing transformational communication strategies to compete successfully in modern markets.

Without the human perspective companies can fall into the trap of chasing technology; often wasting time and resources for little benefit.

Only by understanding the human side of the current forces disrupting markets will businesses be able to create new and innovative products, services and processes.

If you don’t understand why customers’ behaviours are changing so radically, then you won’t be able to choose the appropriate communications solutions , let alone win new business.

Businesses must create a powerful and authentic stories that their customers can engage with, otherwise they risk falling irrevocably behind the competition.

This transformation is more than just technology; it’s about reshaping your business communications to prosper and thrive in the modern world.

Read more on why The Value of Your Strategic Story is Huge

Creating Stories that Win Business Since 1985

Ampli was created by Mark Dean Garner in 2019 after more than 30 years experience in business communication covering marketing, advertising, public relations, media and training.

He's also a 20 year veteran of digital marketing having started marketing and selling gold and silver online to the global market in the late 1990’s.

From gold to live fish, fluffy slippers to booty boosting underwear, he’s helped people market most things online and off.

Mark's previous clients have ranged from heads of governments, CEO's and boards of major corporations to small business and not for profit organisations.

What the bosses said...

Mark got my phone ringing with new clients.

Frank Maceri, Australia's Premier Guitar Coach at Australian Guitar Institute

You should hire Mark if you want to do better. I hired Mark within the first week, he had already added value beyond my expectations. His wealth of experience enabled him to be more than another consultant.  I found that I could use him as an advisor on many aspects of our marketing strategy. Mark is intelligent, creative, experienced and very enthusiastic. I will hire him again.

George McCullogh, General Manager - Group Marketing and Innovation at Snowden

I hired Mark at Gold Corporation - The Perth Mint, and what a good move that was. He contributed greatly to our many customer communication channels, and also had a knack and enthusiasm for the newly developing online ecommerce business.
We worked together on online sales for years, creating a solid foundation for further ecommerce channel expansion that came later - much to the credit of Mark's drive and clarity.

David Kerbey, Direct Marketing Manager, Gold Corporation -The Perth Mint

Mark is one of those people that knows what he is doing. If you need support with marketing and driving results - and you follow his advice, IT WILL HAPPEN! Many times Mark has provided with me service and advice beyond our contract, and I truly appreciate his thoughtful comments, emails and direction. He makes it happen."

Suzanne Waldron, Client Solutions Manager, Alive and Kicking Solutions

Bloody Good! Mark has a great ability to see things from the customer's perspective, identify areas that improve the customer experience and help businesses achieve a demonstrable, tangible return on their internet marketing and strategy investments. Mark is one of the true pioneers of e-commerce and internet marketing in Western Australia and has a track record of great work.

Jim Poignand, Executive Director, Vista Energy

Mark has been very helpful for PEB Group for the past 12 months. He has been a pleasure to work with and his work has been of very good standards. I would not hesitate to ask Mark for help with marketing projects in the future.

Alison Ninyett, Marketing Executive at PEB Property Group

Mark's management service is second to none. His knowledge and attention to detail have made such a difference to Aquaculture Council of WA and our communication and business development strategy. Mark was able to save us almost $80,000 on the initial costs. A result I never thought would be possible.

Dan Machin, Chief Executive Officer, Aquaculture Council of WA Inc

"[Our ecommerce development}...was a huge task and involved liaison with outside consultants and suppliers to determine the feasibility of our plans. It also involved a significant amount of investigative work as there was little experience in the market of dealing with many of our requests. All of this had to be done within extremely strict budget parameters and Mark handled the job exceptionally well."

Veronica McGuire, General Manager, Goldcorp Australia - The Perth Mint

Mark has a very in depth knowledge of media and maximising your effectiveness. His guidance and support has been invaluable.

Diane Regan, Business Development Manager, GO Business Australia.

"Mark, as head of eCommerce for the Gold Corporation and Perth Mint, had a real feel for how people interacted online and the opportunities that were created. Having a client so in-tune with the potential of the Internet was something of a rarity at that time, and so we particularly enjoyed our working relationship with Mark.

Steve Pretzel, Manging Director, Pretzel Logic

Wow! The scope for improvement just in the first month is… a 100 fold.

Anthony Aoun, Founder / Systems Deployment, Landlord Central

Mark is both a logical and lateral thinker and a welcome addition to business development and strategy teams.

Janine Pittaway, Principal, Bright Communications

Mark's advice to our operation changed our company virtually overnight. The increased attention our operation now receives is at such a level we have had to say STOP! Let's take a breather! It's the sort of thing you read in books but don't quite believe, you don't know how good your operation can be till Mark has a chance to work his magic. I only wish all the consultants we come across had Mark's attention to detail and ability to get outcomes the way he does. My greatest nightmare is that my competitors will find his phone number!

Wayne Mackenzie Brown, Owner, Australian Coral Farms

Mark’s work spanned a period of major organisational change and his efforts to support this change were greatly appreciated. He made a contribution to an agency wide communications strategy, particularly in the area of developing a more market based approach to communications. Part of his role required him to maintain regular contact with Ministers office, the Premier’s office and other senior figures in government and industry.

Doug Durack, Public Affairs Manager, Agriculture Western Australia

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Creating communication that wins business since 1985

Creating digital communication since 1995

"Added value beyond my expectations," George McCullough, Snowden Mining, Perth, Western Australia.
"One of the pioneers of e-commerce and internet marketing in Western Australia," Jim Poignand, Vista Energy, Perth, Western Australia.
"I speak to them, I get a result," Wayne MacKenzie Brown, Australian Coral Farms, Karratha and Perth, Western Australia.


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