Everyday your business is competing against the best in the world: Not just the best in your neighbourhood, city, state or even country, but the best in the world.

It doesn't matter how small your business is, it's still you against the world.

Take the example of the local music teacher, guitar teacher.

Today his or her potential clients, young musicians, can get music lessons from the best musicians in the world for very little cost.

Kids are highly informed, smart and selective with what they spend their money on.

They will ask themselves: “Why should I spend $80 an hour with the local guitar teacher (no matter how good he is) when I can get 16 lessons with Carlos Santana for $140?”

Seriously, I’m not making this up.

There’s no contest, they’re going to go with Carlos Santana every time.

Don’t believe me? Watch this 90-second video...

Visit site Carlos Santana teaches the art and soul of guitar

You’ll believe from the first few seconds that Carlos can transform your life, even if you’re not a guitar player you’ll still be saying, “Maybe I could be…”

What You and Anyone Else Can Learn from This

Two key things are going on here.

Firstly, this demonstrates how we are all competing against the best in the world. Every profession, every trade, every business service is in a similar situation.

Who is the Santana in your industry? Who is the world leader? That’s who you are competing against, whether you know it or not.

How you compete against them is another post, but for now the key takeaway is: Does your content stack up against the best in the world?

When you’re creating content you must ask yourself:

“Is this the best piece of content out there in the world?”

“Are there people out there who are much better than me at this?”

Depending on your answers, you may next question why you are even bothering to create content. Why are you even offering that service?

Too harsh? Every single business owner needs to think this way.

Your customers can choose from the best in the world, so why should they choose you?

If you haven't got an immediate answer, then you're in trouble.

So that's the "why" you need to be creating great content.

How to Create the Best Video in the World

Secondly, this video demonstrates how to make a thoroughly engaging 90-second video from the first second to the last.

That's the "how". The rest of this post details just how you can make content every bit as engaging as Santana's.


1: Credibility and Authority

It’s Carlos Santana, enough said. He has a 50-year track record of elite performing. His name is enough to have people watch.

You may not have that elite level record, but you will need to establish your credibility and authority quickly. Without it people simply aren’t going to believe you or listen to you, let alone buy your product.

(I’ve addressed and detailed how to establish credibility many times in other posts.)


2: Passion, Believability, Authenticity

Santana’s passion is on display from the first second. He’s speaking from the heart, you can tell and it’s believable. Even if he's a bit of an old hippy, you still “get” him, the spirituality of the man and what he’s about.

There is an authenticity about him that comes through everything he says and does. Authenticity is what all customers are looking for.


3: Enthusiasm

It’s palpable, it’s infectious, you want to be part of this party.

If you’re not excited about what you’re doing, nobody else will be.

“If you don’t stand like that, it ain’t gonna sound like that.”


4: Examples, Demonstration

He shows you what you’re going to do, and gives tips on how you’re going to be able to do it.

The result is you just go “Wow, here’s my money”.

Now, even if you’re not at this level, the key here is Santana effortlessly demonstrates his craft, his expertise and mastery. You need to do the same. You have to walk your talk.


5: No Waste, No Fluff

It’s all done in under two minutes. There’s no fluff, every second is watchable and valuable. It respects your time. Even if you don’t buy the course, you are still going to get lots of value from just watching it.

How many videos or podcasts have you seen where they still haven’t got to the point after 30 seconds or more?

This one gets you in the first 5 seconds.


6: It Knows and Speaks to its Audience

Too much content is broadly targeted because the business or agency doesn’t truly know who the target market is.

In this video the target audience is electric guitar players, and advanced ones at that. It speaks their language.

It's content they want, it's content they value and most importantly it's content that they will eagerly pay for.


8: Video Doesn't have to Cost a Lot

Nothing I've said above requires expensive video equipment, software, or high production values. They are all things anyone can bring to the table.


Bonus Tip: Conversion Rate Optimisation is Superfluous

The rest of the page has all the usual direct marketing and conversion rate optimisation essentials. These are limited time offer (urgency), bonus offer, exclusivity, details, call to action and more.

But they are almost superfluous. After you’ve watched the video you’re only question is where do I sign? The work is done.

You need the other steps, but the point is if the video or content does its job, then the rest are all just automatic.

To put it another way, don’t obsess over the minor technical things, focus on the main story and content.

Too much marketing these days obsesses over technical things and algorithm tweaks. One good video or piece of content can leave them for dust.


But I’m Not a Guitar Player

Then how about…

  • Gordon Ramsay to teach you cooking,
  • David Lynch to teach you film making,
  • Neil Gaiman to teach you storytelling,
  • Christina Aguilera to teach you singing,
  • Usher to teach you performance or
  • Herbie Hancock to teach you jazz.

The best in the world for $140 bucks Aussie, check them out at Masterclass

This is who we are all up against.

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