Business makes the most difference when it is in service of a compelling vision

What’s Yours?

What’s the story you’re telling?

What’s the world you are trying to create?

Without a compelling story it's hard to know why the work you’re doing actually matters to you, your customers or your investors.

Motivation, sales and investment suffer as a result.

A strong vision of what you are striving to create inspires and motivates you and your team to work continually towards realising that vision.

Our training helps you create that vision and then communicate it to produce breakthrough results.

Your Company Story is Your Company Strategy

We work with you and your leadership team to create a powerful and authentic strategic story that transforms your business.

One that motivates you and your staff, engages your customers and drives demand for your unique products and services.

Developing a strategic story that truly sets you apart from your competition takes a lot of work. Research, strategic and creative work on our part, and soul-searching, honesty and courage on yours.

We work closely with you and your staff, getting to know your customers, your competitors and the market you operate in.

On completion of this work you will have a powerful company narrative that positions you apart from your competitors and ahead of the market. One that allows you to win more business at lower cost.

The value it can bring is huge, turning you from a commodity seller with no pricing power into a distinctive player in control of your own destiny.

You and your team will learn what you need to do to develop a powerful strategic story for your business.

Your organization needs a single narrative, one that’s understood by every employee, supplier and customer.

Without this “single narrative” your main influencers can make up and spread whatever story they want. The results are often disastrous for any positioning, sales and marketing efforts.

A high-level narrative clarifies strategy and powers success across the organization in sales, marketing, capital raising, product development and recruiting.

Our work is for companies that want to be the author of that narrative.

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