Sometimes you just need someone to tell you what to do

Where to invest your money and time for the best result

What tools and services can help you get where you want to go

What really works, what doesn’t, what’s a fad and how much it all costs

The strategies, secrets, tips and tricks for breakout results

Quick Wins Marketing

What Do You Need?

Need some advice on your strategy?

A little help with your marketing plan or campaigns?

Not sure how to integrate the digital activities with all your other marketing?

Want a second opinion on why your campaigns or communications are not working like you expected?

Or starting a new business and just want advice on where to begin?

Quick Wins Marketing is for You

Spend 90 minutes with us and you'll get practical advice and tested suggestions on strategy, planning or any other aspect of your marketing, on-line or off.

You'll learn how to get quick wins now.

You haven’t got time to explore all the different marketing options out there.

Get clear on what you should be doing right now, what you can do later and what you don’t need to do.

This can save you save thousands in wasted hours and effort.

For a small investment of $350 you'll learn how to win more business at lower cost.

If you don't get value, you'll get your money back.

Gold, Live Fish, Fluffy Slippers and Booty Boosting Underwear

goldfishWe've created marketing communications to help people sell everything from gold to live fish – fluffy slippers to booty boosting underwear.

If we can help clients sell live fish online and then send them all over the world, then we can probably help you.

Everything we suggest is based on experience, facts and test results. We have been involved in many different types of businesses – from large corporates to tiny start-ups.

Getting our advice means tapping into this wealth of knowledge and experience.

What you get out of it is not a strategic report, but many helpful suggestions that you could implement straight away and that are proven to get better results.

Your Risk Free, Money Back Guarantee

If after 30 days of your Instant Marketing session you feel that you didn't get more than $350 of value out of your session, just let us know and we'll happily refund your fee, no catch, no questions.

Book Your Session Today

goldfishOur Instant Marketing service is for people like you who are serious about growing their business.

Sessions are held at locations in Perth CBD and surrounding suburbs.

If you'd like to arrange an Instant Marketing session, then use the booking form below to choose a time that suits you.

Or learn more about us...

Bonus Offer - 30 Days Personal Mentoring

If you decide you did get value, then let us know and we'll give you an additional 30 days personal mentoring.

Any question or issue you have about marketing communications, just email us and we'll provide expert feedback.

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