Training and Services to Help You Win More Business

Mentoring and Coaching

Personal sessions to develop your own strategic story, build a powerful professional brand and create leadership stories

Strategic Consulting

We work with your company to create powerful and compelling marketing stories that win more business

Quick Wins Marketing

90 minutes to learn how you can win more business at lower cost. Get clear on what you should be doing right now, what you can do later and what you don’t need to do.

Training Courses

Training to help you create powerful communications that win more business. You’ll learn how you and your teams can create compelling stories, powerful sales and marketing messages and irresistible pitches.

Training Courses

Knowledge You Can use

Learn practical and tactical marketing tips

Create Stories that Sell

Know the difference between storytelling and Story Selling

Authentic Strategic Story

Discover why authenticity is so attractive

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Personal Mentoring

Build a Powerful Personal Brand

How to develop your personal strategic story

Make a Difference and Drive Growth

Discover the secrets to create compelling marketing messages

Create Value and Relevance

How to create authentic stories that move customers

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Strategic Services

Communication Not Manipulation

How to make smart, bold moves that amaze customers, push competitors out of consideration

Inspire and Outsmart

One authentic idea is worth more than any amount of digital dithering

Greater Results at Lower Cost

Why authentic communication gives you greater results at lower cost

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Instant Marketing

One on One Coaching

What to do to get the best results

Actionable Advice

Practical advice on where to invest your time and money

Discover the Tools You Need

Tools and services to help you get where you want to go

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Without a powerful strategic story, your main influencers can make up and spread whatever story they want about your business. This will all but destroy any positioning, sales and marketing efforts you might undertake.


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