Create powerful communication that wins more business

Marketing and advertising may attract potential customers, but they won’t buy unless you clearly communicate your value to them.

• Do you know precisely why they should buy from you instead of the competition?

• If we asked everyone on your team, would they give the same answer?

These courses are designed for solo entrepreneurs, business owners, teams and individual executives who want to create their own powerful business communications.

They are self-contained two-hour, half day and full day training courses on key aspects of business communications.

We lead you through the steps you need to take to develop your own compelling company communications, and how to use it in your marketing for maximum effect.

If you're interested in any of the courses below, please contact us to learn more.


The StorySelling Series

How to Tell a Story That Sells

It’s one thing to tell an entertaining story, it’s quite another to tell one that actually sells, one that wins you more business. In this course you’ll get a a clear framework for creating stories that win more clients, and learn how to create stories that generate leads and close deals.

Storytelling for Business Owners

Storyselling for Sales and Marketing

Storytelling for Leaders

Storytelling for Startups

Authenticity is Attractive - Personal Branding Series

How to Create Powerful Personal Brand Stories

Authentic communication is a must-have for success in leadership, sales, marketing, recruiting, capital raising and product development, but people don’t buy from technology, they buy from people they trust.

In this course you will learn how to…

• develop your personal strategic story

• create compelling marketing messages

• create authentic stories that move customers

• craft personal stories that quickly establish trust

• build a compelling strategic narrative for pitching products, services and ideas

• build customer loyalty

Content Marketing Series

How to Write for the Digital World - Fundamentals

Bankable Content - How to Write Content that Sells

How to Promote Your Content

How to Create Hot Product Stories

Strategic Stories Series

How to Disrupt Yourself Without Dyin' Tryin'

Postioning for Profit - How to Create Powerful Value Propositions

Creating Powerful Company Narratives

How to Create Offers they Can't Refuse

If you're interested in any of the courses above, please contact us to learn more.

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